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We have a no advertising/Self promo rule in the open forums, this is partly so we can protect our member-base from unauthorised , unchecked links and advertisements. For this reason we currently offer a number of different Commercial advertising options.

The lure forum has on average 400 - 500 members online on a daily basis, although we are a closed forum when advertising with us you have the piece of mind that your advert is highly targeted to real people , not inflated by junk traffic and fake click. This gives a much higher potential conversion rate especially if you become an active part of the community and built trust and respect among our members.

1. Signature / Avartars for commercial usage you can find out more about what's expected surrounding this here :

2. Forum advertising We offer sidebar Banner Advertising of the size of 200px x 100px of which this entitles paying members to have a banner on the sidebar of the majority of pages around the forum. Other perks include :

  • Banner on sidebar ( 200px x 100px )
  • Occasional mentions of your own service in context with conversations, this includes catch report video which have your brand plastered all over it.
  • Your Own thread in a Sponsors forum of which you are free to update with latest promotions for the duration of your paying membership, this thread will be removed or locked upon cancellation .
  • Custom User Title under avatar
  • Highlighted "sponsor" banner under User title.

To purchase you will be required to be a member of the site, Once a registered member you will be able to then visit the Account upgrades page to purchase your choice of advertising. After you have paid your subscription you will be contacted by an Admin for the setup of your banners.

We can tailor custom advertising packages for your needs, including other banner placements. Sticky threads in certain sections , please email

* This is subject to change at any point with-out prior notice

Jun 17, 2015
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