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We have a no advertising/Self promo rule in the open forums, this is partly so we can protect our member-base from unauthorised , unchecked links and advertisements. For this reason we currently offer a number of different Commercial advertising options.

The lure forum has on average 400 - 500 members online on a daily basis, although we are a closed forum when advertising with us you have the piece of mind that your advert is highly targeted to real people , not inflated by junk traffic and fake click. This gives a much higher potential conversion rate especially if you become an active part of the community and built trust and respect among our members.

1. Signature / Avartars for commercial usage you can find out more about what's expected surrounding this here :

2. Forum advertising Please contact us through the contact form for advertising opportunities.

* This is subject to change at any point with-out prior notice

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    Jun 17, 2015
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