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Trouble Accessing the Forum ?

If your having issues getting on to the forum in most cases it can be resolves with some basic house cleaning of your machines.

Clearing your cookies and cache

In many cases clearing your cookies and cache will solve most issues such as login problems if in general the issue is isolated to a few people.

You can clear your cookies and cache by looking through your browsers options, if unsure simply Google "How to clear cache YOUR BROWER NAME" for a small guide.

What happens if that Fails

There are situations especially involving Internet Explorer where you could clear your cookies and cache a million times and your computer just wants to keep hold of that old Temp Data, in such cases you might need to give your computer a kick up the back side by using one of the following :

if use Windows then it might be a good idea to run :

If you use an Apple Mac :

CCleaner will force clean the Temp Files from your computers browsers , its perfectly safe and recognised world wide as one of the best cleaners out part is its completely free

If you store Passwords and login info in your browsers please remember to untick the "clear passwords" boxes before proceeding to clean.

If you've never done a proper tidy up of your computer its highly likely that CCleaner will actually make your machine seem more responsive , id recommend running CCLeaner at least once a month even if you are not having issues.

Mobile and Tablets

If you are having trouble with either of the above then clearing your cookies and cache from the browser will likely solve the issue, as a last resort turning the machine off and back on again may be needed. There are very little cleaners i would recommend for mobile and tablet devices so please becareful if you chose to use one.

If you have gone through the above and still cant login then please feel free to get in touch: [email protected]

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    Jun 18, 2015
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