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  1. Welcome and Introductions
    Hello, I was just looking for any recommended locations to fish for bass on the south coast 2h from London? I understand some people are very protective over locations but any help is appreciated! Cheers!
  2. Tackle & Tips
    I'm currently looking at a few options for something around the 8ft mark with a pretty fast action. Wondering if anyone has any feedback on these - or suggestions on others. Not a huge budget, but willing to stretch. Fishing the Gower coastline and estuary. 1. Sakura Ryokan 8ft : 15-50g @ £55...
  3. South East
    This is an absolute cry for help, it's no secret that this year the Sussex reef has been fairly dire due to conditions but when the conditions are right I've heard it goes off big time! But as I live about an hour and a half a way a lot of the time by the time I assume the conditions should be...
  4. Welcome and Introductions
    I have just joined your forum. I fish from a small boat out of Aberystwyth mainly for bass. I only fish with lures and flies. I generally fish on my own but would be happy to take people out on my boat . Please contact me if you would like to arrange a trip. I have spare lifejackets and wet...
  5. Freshwater Lure Zone
    I fish with lures in the sea for bass/pollack but have never fished with lures in freshwater and want to give it a try locally. I am wondering if I can use my standard selection of saltwater lures in lakes? I'm thinking SG Sandeels, Patchinko, Saltskimmer,Tackle House Feed Shallow, or Soft...
  6. Offered For Swap
    I have a Job Lot of Soft Plastic lures that I do not use. Fiiish Black Minnow Shore 12g Colour: BM001. Quantity 8 (1 used- 7 unused) Hart Gummy Series Absolut Worms X13: 6 Inch: Colour: IHVAW15044 X8 (Unsed) Colour: IHVAW15043 X3 (Unsed) 7 3/4 iNCH: Colour: IHVAW20041 X 2 (Unsed) Tempest...
  7. South East
    Headed out on Rob's tub "Winnie" on Saturday to finally get some blank-bending-bass-behavior sorted. It was about 300 degrees in the shade, and there was no shade but we spent the day on the water fishing, much to my wife's disgust..."How the fuck was I supposed to know it was going to be good...
  8. Tackle & Tips
    One question. Big Surf, steep beach / shallow beach, bass, lure choice? Thanks.
  9. Clothing & Accessories
    Any one any experience using GoPro while out and about lure fishing. Will I need to get a polarised lense to snap on to it. Any other tips well appreciated. Thanks J
  10. Travel Section
    Hi me and 3 friends are thinking on going on a bass fishing trip to Cork for 3 days on the 21 of August. We fish around the north Coast of Northen Ireland and get bass each year but I was wondering if anyone could share some info on places to stay and venues too fish and is it worth getting a...
  11. Back to Basics
    I'm on an Island where pretty much no one fishes from the rocks. I need tips to find rock marks for species such as pollock, bass and wrasse for example what sort of ground, how deep should the water be... thanks.
1-12 of 13 Results