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  1. Soft Plastic Lures
    .. just a little query for peace of mind.. I just bought about three of these as a present for myself lol.. are they any good from the shore? It states on it that it is offshore It's the fiiish 12cm 25grms weedless minnow.. I cant upload a pics at the moment..
  2. South East
    Headed out on Rob's tub "Winnie" on Saturday to finally get some blank-bending-bass-behavior sorted. It was about 300 degrees in the shade, and there was no shade but we spent the day on the water fishing, much to my wife's disgust..."How the fuck was I supposed to know it was going to be good...
  3. Freshwater Lure Zone
    Went up to my local water to have a cast or 100 with some new pike lures I'd accumulated during the winter months. Had a small jack on a new black jitterbug off the surface (can't beat a surface smash!), clipped on a rather ridiculous looking lure called a BBZ Rat which imitates a small mouse...
  4. South East
    A freak window in the weather opened up and The Captain pinged me whilst I was having a boiled egg eating competition. See you at 03.30 he said, I'll be up at 02.00hrs Pete, flushing this out my system :oops: but yeah, see you then. Safe to say, don't have a boiled egg eating competition before...
1-4 of 4 Results