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  1. Lure Forum Social Club
    A few days ago, we finished developing an app called Deep Fish and we would like to receive your feedback. Now the app can recognize a fish from a photo, thanks to computer vision. You only need to take a photo with your phone. If you like posting photos of your trophies in Instagram or...
  2. Welcome and Introductions
    I am actually new here and I am into outdoors activity specially fishing, so i am so glad to be part of this forums. My friend recommend me in here and hopefully we can share different outdoors experiences. Thanks!
  3. LRF & HRF Chat
    hi guys I am all new to LRF and would love to get a little more involve.. I don't really a lot of marks.. but would Brighton marina, Brighton west and east.. possibly Seaford and Eastbourne be a good start? I have done a lot of lure fishing for bass but this time I want to get a wider...
1-3 of 3 Results