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  1. Lures
    Hey guys, So I am new to lure fishing and I am looking for some advice and tips please. I have been using a site called The Lure Box for new lures and to get some ideas on catching large predators this year. After much time on the website I was wondering if anybody here has used (and had...
  2. Boat Lure Fishing
    The boat section for the Pembrokeshire Lure festival is open to both private and charter vessels, and as with the other 2 sections once you have match cards / sign in for the weekend you are able to start fishing. In recent years the majority (but not all) boats depart from numerous points...
  3. Boat Lure Fishing
    Hi Everyone The Pembrokeshire Lure Festival, Friday 17th - Sunday 19th June, is the UK's ONLY weekend long, Lure only (inc SWFF / LRF), catch & release species hunt to have three competitions running over the same weekend: shore, boat, kayak (Saltwater) plus a wildcard Predator challenge & a...
1-3 of 3 Results