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  1. Welcome and Introductions
    Hi all, I've been a keen sea angler for years but thinking of giving lure fishing a go. Where's the best spots around Fareham/Gosport for lure fishing? Cheers all.
  2. Lure Forum Social Club
    Hello TLF friends, As I mention in my previous post when I showed you the idea of my homemade Darter project, I began to work to prepare the “How To Do” videos series to explain and show the steps I followed to made the Attila Veneno balsa lure. I tried to count the time that took me each step...
  3. Soft Plastic Lures
    .. just a little query for peace of mind.. I just bought about three of these as a present for myself lol.. are they any good from the shore? It states on it that it is offshore It's the fiiish 12cm 25grms weedless minnow.. I cant upload a pics at the moment..
  4. Welcome and Introductions
    Hi everyone!! My name is Chris. I have been fishing for nearly 10 years now..But recently I had a session on the lure from the shore and I got hooked on it!! I love lure fishing so much that I am considering giving up other type of fishing!! The only problem I have is the lack of knowledge...
  5. Offered For Swap
    I have a Job Lot of Soft Plastic lures that I do not use. Fiiish Black Minnow Shore 12g Colour: BM001. Quantity 8 (1 used- 7 unused) Hart Gummy Series Absolut Worms X13: 6 Inch: Colour: IHVAW15044 X8 (Unsed) Colour: IHVAW15043 X3 (Unsed) 7 3/4 iNCH: Colour: IHVAW20041 X 2 (Unsed) Tempest...
  6. Tackle & Tips
    One question. Big Surf, steep beach / shallow beach, bass, lure choice? Thanks.
  7. Picture Gallery
    As the title suggests, here are a few of our buddies catching some really nice perch (I'm sure you'll agree) and Pike. TLB seem to be doing the business. Enjoy.
  8. Freshwater Lure Fishing
    Finally managed to get out for a bit of piking, what better way than a shallow bay and a surface lure.. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
1-9 of 9 Results