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  1. Diving Hard Lures
    Please help me identified lure brand. Thank you
  2. Freshwater Lure Zone
    I fish with lures in the sea for bass/pollack but have never fished with lures in freshwater and want to give it a try locally. I am wondering if I can use my standard selection of saltwater lures in lakes? I'm thinking SG Sandeels, Patchinko, Saltskimmer,Tackle House Feed Shallow, or Soft...
  3. Picture Gallery
    As the title suggests, here are a few of our buddies catching some really nice perch (I'm sure you'll agree) and Pike. TLB seem to be doing the business. Enjoy.
  4. Welcome and Introductions
    Hey guys I hope you are well well. i just wanted to introduce myself, I am John and I am just getting into Pike, big Perch and Zander fishing with lures. I look forward to getting to know you all better! Until next time... tight lines!
  5. Wales
    I'm off to Borth-y-gest next week. I'm wondering if anyone has had any success targetting coalfish on lures further down the Lleyn Peninsula at this time of the year?
  6. Welcome and Introductions
    New to all this lure fishing craic, first session last Thursday resulted in a surprise pollack on a well known shallow water bass mark. Second session today will hopefully produce bass. Can anyone give me any advice on what lures I should definitely have in my box to start off? Fishing...
  7. Soft Plastic Lures
    I know different fish will prefer certain colour lures so whats colours do pollock, bass and wrasse prefer? Thanks for any input.
1-7 of 9 Results