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  1. Welcome and Introductions
    Hi, Been fishing for years but never lured fished the sea in england. Did a bit in australia and enjoyed it. Also do a bit of beach casting on the holderness coast. I've got a spinning rod and reel set up just after a few recommended lures to get amongst the bass and makrel. I'm looking to...
  2. Welcome and Introductions
    Hi everyone!! My name is Chris. I have been fishing for nearly 10 years now..But recently I had a session on the lure from the shore and I got hooked on it!! I love lure fishing so much that I am considering giving up other type of fishing!! The only problem I have is the lack of knowledge...
  3. Welcome and Introductions
    New to all this lure fishing craic, first session last Thursday resulted in a surprise pollack on a well known shallow water bass mark. Second session today will hopefully produce bass. Can anyone give me any advice on what lures I should definitely have in my box to start off? Fishing...
1-3 of 3 Results