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  1. Reels
    Hi, I've decided I want to give a baitcaster reel a go. My main reason is that I read that you can cast further and that you gain accuracy. I'm fairly new to angling and have never used one, I know its probably going to be frustrating to begin with but I'm pretty determined. I want the set up...
  2. Tackle & Tips
    I'm currently looking at a few options for something around the 8ft mark with a pretty fast action. Wondering if anyone has any feedback on these - or suggestions on others. Not a huge budget, but willing to stretch. Fishing the Gower coastline and estuary. 1. Sakura Ryokan 8ft : 15-50g @ £55...
  3. Rods
    Hey, I want to get into rock fishing with lures and I will be targeting pollock, bass and wrasse. I would like to know what sort of rod/reel I would need like what casting weight as I am currently thinking 1oz-3oz. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results