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  1. East & North Coast
    Hi, I'm not new to lure fishing but I am new to Sea lure fishing, in fact sea fishing full stop! If anyone would be kind enough to volunteer to show me the ropes I fancy fishing Whitburn or Marsden or anywhere within a 45 minute drive or so from Durham. If anyone would like a fishing buddy I can...
  2. International Catches
    Last week I arrived home from a two week long holiday trip to far away Chile with my brother. This was my first visit in Latin America and as youd expect I had to do some fishing there! A while back I had seen some fishing videos from the northern parts of Chile and their catches were very...
  3. Back to Basics
    I'm on an Island where pretty much no one fishes from the rocks. I need tips to find rock marks for species such as pollock, bass and wrasse for example what sort of ground, how deep should the water be... thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results