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  1. Scotland
    We've been lucky to have had lovely weather for the most part in May and this allowed me to fish a lot and also visit some more distant marks.. Had some great sessions with fish pushing the 80cm mark although skinny as theyre postspawn. Recenty got the first mackies of the year and also a bonus...
  2. Scotland
    Its been a couple weeks now since ive returned from Greece (down to -15c and 2 weeks of snow!) to find some lovely weather up here in Skye! Ive taken full advantage of this and thankfully the fish have obliged as well! Some solid action with decent coalies around 40cm and pollock in the 50-60cm...
  3. Scotland
    My first ever Wrasse caught on a madfish deadly skye lure . Not big but I have waited 50 years for it. Loch Pooltiel , Isle of Skye and it fought like a fish 3 x its size. IMG_0001 by Terry Widing posted Aug 25, 2016 at 3:18 PM
1-3 of 3 Results