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  1. Kayak Lure Fishing
    Soft lure fishing and dropshoting for cod a and pollock , loads of fun that way .
  2. The Learning Zone
    Hi guys im just wondering has anyone any experience in weighting weedless soft plastics when fishing into currents and rips , i use cone leads alot but i was thinking about using insert leads but cannot find info on how much to weight them or where to position the weights any pictures or advice...
  3. DIY & Home Made Lures
    Hi guys Checkout this video of homemade surface floating soft plastic pike lures The lures have been attached with a lip scull, this will give the dive when retrieving This is a must for the soft plastic lure makers
  4. Soft Plastic Lures
    It has been ages since I was last active on the forum so thought I would get my backside into gear and make a post to get myself back in the game. I know a few lads on here used to use and swear by the infamous Illex I Shad, which has now sadly been discontinued, but I wanted to throw it's...
1-4 of 5 Results