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061209 N Pembs

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Set off from Hendy at 8am to arrive in the Fishguard area for 9ish. Managed to locate some future marks.........AberBach (cracking looking spot but no parking, so get your hiking boots on!), the popped around to PwllGwaelod but winds in your face!......hopped over to CwmEwglys (?) and trekked out to the point (won't be bothering to do that again :cry: ) but came back and fished the quay area and the point to the North. Saw plenty of wildlife, but no bass.

wish the swells would die down for a while :cry: :cry:
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Good effort . . . this weather is just pants !!!
Respect for being out today, quite a few marks done in one day though ! Keep it up things will change for the better soon !!!
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