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Hi All

Went for a quick session up at Bouley bay late Saturday evening.

Tried a home modified SP, which took 1 pollack then upped the size to catch the smallest pollack ever on a 3" grub a greedy little so 'n so.

1 - 3" Twintail grub on a 7g Jig Head with size 4/0 hook
2 - Cut down fresh water Bass worm on size 2 Aberdeen hook with a small bullet lead. This one actually got quite a few bites but I only connected 1.

I have a handful of worms that I am now going to start messing around with, might try wacky rigging what is left of the one I chopped.

Taken on the small SP. Sorry there is no real size reference but it was probably about 20-25cm.

Taken on the 3" grub. This one looks much bigger in the picture it must have been about 15cm max.

Hoping my LRF rod arrives soon getting the Firefly Angling Ultralight Spin 180 Spinning Rod.

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nice work m8.

glad to see you are thinking about things and getting the results.

there you go...

smallest lure, biggest Pollack.

Cold clear sea, Pollack have huge eyes and we are fishing slowly. They get a good look at the lure.
Smaller makes sense this time of year and has merit when our sea cleans right out throughout the year.
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