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I think the title pretty much sums things up!!

Started friday night with a mate using crab out west (plug rod with me of course), few casts of the lure and nothing, nothing on bait but my mate did miss a huge bite, rod keele over in th rest, butt end 2ft off the ground. Told him he should hold his rod!!

Saturday morning and out with the nipper for a quick plug, nothing doing.

Saturday PM, out for a long walk down the cliffs. Looked nice, tons of mllet but no rockies or bass. lost a couple of SP's with heads in the rough stuff. Wind was a bit of an issue coming right across the mark.

Sunday morning, trying for a mullet with the nipper but they are not playing as usual!!

Sunday PM, even longer walk across some boulders, up and down but I took some pics. Bassy or what!!

Water Azure Lake Natural landscape Coastal and oceanic landforms

Water Sky Azure Natural landscape Watercourse

Again, no fish which is odd, clear water, lots of water movement, tried softies and some hard lures, lost some more softies fishing it hard for rockies. It's a boulder field closer in.

Finally sunday night i went for an easy session just to catch a fish and landed this chap.

Fishing lure Fish Fish hook Fin Spoon lure

Didn't put up much of a fight and the bite was a bit soft to feel HRF, just felt some weight so I hit it.

That was a long weekend. Where are all the bass / gars / pollack / wrasse?????


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Unlucky Andy, You must have put a lot of effort into that weekend slog, 1 fish is better than nothing though. Well done mate !!!
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