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14th May South Cornwall

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Rob, Iain and myself travelled to the south coast this morning to fish the dropping tide, there wasn’t much movement but there was a bit of cloud cover which gave us confidence.

The three of us fished the dropping tide, changing locations and moving all the time in the hunt to find the bass, looking for any sign of movement beneath the water to give indication their was feeding bass.
Changing lures every 20 minutes to enable that we kept focused and not to lose interest, but still no fish.

We decided to go back up to the cliff top for breakfast and to look down on the area to check things out as we ate our food and drank our lovely cups of tea. We studied the rip current from up on the cliff and could just make out a faint sign of where it was running, this gave us hope straight away.

Before we went back down, we had a quick change of lures and then set back down to the waters edge but this time to the other side of the bay where we could make out this faint rip. The tide had changed by this time and we really needed a bit more water in front of us really as it looked like a battle field.

An hour in to the flooding tide we could now get close to this rip that we had identified up on the cliff, as i casted out, i heard the cry of I’AM IN! I brought my plug in quickly and ran to Roberts location to see that he had landed a Bass of around 2lb on a Tide Minnow 145.

I then started fishing near him and i was fishing with a K-ten Ripple Popper 115mm which is just a fantastic surface lure, you don’t need to do much with it, with regards to get it working. On my fourth cast fishing closer to Rob I got nailed by a bass just over 2lb which slid back down in to the sea as i was trying to unhook.

My next cast produced another hit but lost the bass after about 20 seconds of playing the fish, definitely bigger but by how much i will never know. I changed Lures to a Tide Minnow 175 flyer and first cast produced a 2lb Bass, and another one lost


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Great stuff Nathan, looks like you got it sussed in the end, brilliant report and pics, give my best to your Dad !
An eventful day, good fishing :)
Nice one Nath,
Great way to kick off your season, looks like a fair few bass around. Once you zeroed in on them.
good stuff nathan looks like a nice spot there.
Sounds like a great day out. well done on the couple you guys caught
Nice one Nathan....

That looks to be a really cracking piece of water..........
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The ground is fantastic for topping as the ground is really shallow, the K-ten Ripple Popper that i caught on, come into its own, We went fishing today with some forum members ,( Iestyn jones, Robert Taylor, and Ben Fields) and lost a 6lb bass at my feet as i walked over to grab it, but because i gave the bass slack line, she just went mad and slipped the plug, but that Ripple Popper will be stuck to my line from now on!!!
is that the tuned version of the ripple popper or not???
Shame about the 6lber, sods law working overtime I guess.
nice one bud......crackin pics.cheers daz
is that the tuned version of the ripple popper or not???
Shame about the 6lber, sods law working overtime I guess.
Oh yes, its the Tuned Version, i lost the lure close to the end of the sesh, due to me being a donut and not checking the tip! but i have more and they will not be coming of the rod
Thanks Daz, look forward to the next Bumble, and buying u a pint buddy
Nathan, well done for working out where to find the fish and for taking one off the top. That lure sounds interesting. Have you any for sale?? George and I had a trip this afternoon and saw the biggest bass (plural) we have ever seen in the water. Sadly they were not chasing or connected to our lures at the time!!
yes mate i think Iain has got them in the shop, its so easy to use, it was my first time in using it really. need some info on the next bumble when u get 5 Tim please
nice session nath, looks like you, rob and ben had a good morning. Good to see you out there getting some fish.
Thanks Mike, be up to u soon mate, we get some fishing done. need to put in some hours up there, before the Weymouth Comp,
Nice session there Nathan. I've got a couple of those Ripple Poppers in different sizes. Yet to use them though - may have to get them wet at some stage ;)
Always lovely to see them off the top, can't wait to get in on the action! love the second photo! Hilarious!
good one! must be nice to get some more fish under your belt for 2010. the ground looks awsome and nice to fish:-D
Well done Nathen, great to see the bass about, I've been out around port quin on the north coast a couple of times, but no luck yet.
I'am off to try another spot tomrrow that i have seen.
After seeing your pics I think i'll give poppers a try.
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