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1st and 11th Year Anniversary

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Yup 1 year married today 11 years together!

What did she get me?
2 hours 1on1 fly tying lesson! pretty chuffed as I am just getting into my stride and need some more tips to get further! (think the guy runs the fly tying courses at Esher College!)

Got her two tickets to Spamalot next Thurs :)
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Nice one Alex. Congratulations to you both. It's our 25th anniversary this year, so we're off to Disney florida/Basspro shop ;-)

Spamalot :) :) :)
Fair play to you Alex & your good wife .... your catching me mate 31yrs married been together 36yrs ha ha you will learn
Congratulations Alex. 14 years of living in sin for m!
Yep, about 10 years of living in sin here :D
Congratulations Alex, 26 years together and married for 20 years in September for me :sad:
nice one. 1 year down, hopefully many more happy ones to go.

I've been 7 years tied down and some other years before that as well. Maybe about 13 years altogether. Guess I should know that stuff but so long as I can remember how old the nipper is, I know I've been married a year longer!!
Well done, Alex. 14 years married, together 16 for us. Hope for a few more yet - can't afford a divorce!
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