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Well if some of you have noticed, I always seem to go fishing on a Friday, that is because I only work a half day on Friday.

Today I headed out to Corbiere. In three hours I caught 4 wrasse but boy was it a great session with another PB.

Second fish was really greedy it was a case of little and large today.
But a really nice looking little fish, could have been caught it in a big fish tank.

And then I caught my biggest fish of any sort ever next. It was caught on an Ayu Xslayer 7g jig with a stingy tail which is a size 8 hook.
If you look closely you will see how close it was to bending the hook right out. Anyway I managed to land him and it was a real slab. It went 3lb 5oz on the scale, before swimming of very strongly. What a day made the whole trip worthwhile.

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