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Well how is this for irony I was not really planning to go fishing tonight. The conditions did not seem great and I decided to stay in with the FPO. Anyway at around 20:30 she decided we should get out so she suggested we go fishing. We got her a rod in January and it has been used about 5 times to cold apparently. The water was milky but at least we were sheltered from the wind.

After about 20 minutes off the pier and nothing happening my lovely wife was getting cold and a sore arm from casting. I suggested I could go and have a few cast off my favourite rock after a few tries with my new favourite lure I had this beauty.

On the firefly UL it went brilliantly took a few dives as I lined up to hoik it out the water by grabbing the line superb fun.

My scale said it was a little over a pound but it measured 40cm a very lively fish and great fight. The wife's first reaction was dinner, so now it is in the fridge for tomorrow.

Until next time
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