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50 Fish to catch before you die

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Gotta love them Courier Drivers !! One just tipped-up at my house, bitching about the lack of grit on the roads, and laughing, saying "bet you didnt expect to get this package today" !!! You bet i didnt !! Anyway, it a book i ordered from Amazon, called "50 FISH to catch before you die". Looks good, and well worth a nose through, and wasnt dear. A very welcome parcel on this snowy day in the mountains !!

Digressing, just looking, and some of the better books in my collection include . . . .

BASS and B.A.S.S
Hooked on Bass
Operation Sea Angler
Adventure Fishing (by Henry - picked it up at a 2nd hand bookshop in Hay on Wye - sorry Henry !!)
Bass fishing on Shore & Sea
Guide to Beer (well, gotta keep a balance !! :wackit: )

I enjoy re-reading them from time to time . . . it's amazing what you can miss first time around.

So, you guys got any must-reads in your collection that we should be aware of ???
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"Out of the Blue" on fishing at Sea by Chris Yates, Mr Yates as all freshwater Anglers will be aware of caught the then record carp from Redmeir Pool when Carp Fishing was well less of a "bivvy job" he is synonomous with the wicker creel and split cane rod....and as he says he couldnt help "thinking of the Sea" and Bass in particular, its a great read (story) as all his books have been, check it out.
John Wilsons fishing encyclopidia (spelling), I learnt so much from that book many years ago, got him to sign it for me when he popped round my house once, then lent it to someone and cant remember who!! Gutted.

Not that it is worth reading unless you are visiting Guernsey, Sark, Herm or Alderney, but Fishing the Baliwick by Len Le Page is an amazing book, written by an amazing guy, Len is a legend in my eyes, and I have had the pleasure of fishing with him and his son Gary a couple of times in Herm.
50 fish to catch before I die. Locally I reckon...


I knocked Gilthead and White bream off my list this year but still need the Couches and Two Banded bream which are present in our waters.

Also need a trigger. Just can't catch one of them.

Not sure what else I need locally. Sea Trout would be nice, our south coast in the depths of winter sees a few each year on lures.

Not had a shad yet either, seen quite a few Twaite locally in recent times. Who named those eh?? Drunk speak needs no imagination as to how it would come out and have you arrested when speaking of your fishing prowess to the barmaid!!

I've also never had a ray or huss. Will have to chuck some big baits out this winter in likely areas under the guise of bass fishing and see what happens.

Heck, also no hounds or tope for me. Gonna have to get me a bigger lure and some wire trace I reckon!!
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Hi. I also got that '50 Fish..etc' book, looks quite interesting. I also got 'Anglers Moon' by Leo Walmsley which came highly recommended. Have had a flick through and it looks my kind of book, but am not reading it yet, as I also got 'Fishings Best Stories' edited by Paul D Staudohar. I'm halfway through it, its a collection of fishing stories, mainly from american authors, but there are some cracking ones in there - I cant put it down! 'The Accidental Angler' by Charles Rangely Wilson is good, as is 'Out of the Blue' by Chris Yates. I also thoroughly recommend anything by 'BB'. I have quite a few compilations as well. I just love reading about fishing!
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