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A bass trip down south.

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Well it was nice weather, good conditions with a SW/W F4/5, good size low tide (1.6m) so it was down the cliffs to fish the overfalls on the drop.

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The tide rips round the headland on the drop and creates some overfalls where it shallows up a bit. The bank off the reef just beyond that shot is 45m at low and the reef where the rip current is is about 7m at low. Lots of water, not a lot of space for it.

This is the same bit of water at low tide on my walk back up:

Water Sky Terrain Bedrock Landscape


I had a mare of a time with some bass thinking they were mullet. I even text Liam for advice. Unfortunately it didn't help :cry:

Started with a zonk varying froma steady retrieve, fast or slow and then started to rip and pause. Getting follows every few casts and one time had 3 huge bass :shock::shock::-o follow the lure right to my feet in 4ft of water over the kelp so a great view of what could be.

tried some SP's, slow bumping bottom, medium to keep them midwater, fast to keep them higher and had some more follows and a smaller fish came in fast at my feet and completely missed it. :shock::shock:

I then got bored with them and was starting to swear too much and scare the seagulls so I put an Xlayer on a light head and tried to winkle out a rockie. No joy there either.

tried a Zonk again and no more follows as the tide had slacked off so i started the trudge back up.

I hate fishing. I hate Bass. they're worse than mullet sometimes.


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Tough old session there Andy !! Stunning looking ground though - absolutely gorgeous !!!

I must admit to not being overly concerned about your catch rates this year - with the progress you have been making, and having seen some of the fish you landed at the back end of last season, i'm just waiting for the pics of you with very large lunkers ;).

I may have to get off that Fast-Cat at Guernsey some time, rather than just sitting there for 20mins feeling the relief of being off the high-seas before sailing onwards to Fraggle :p
Great report Andy, even the best blank sometimes !
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