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There's a few trips here. been slow for me lately but I am also not going much. Struggle to find the time in daylight and it's cold and dark at night and LRF is still slow so I've not been as keen as usual.

Had a few LRF trips to try out some new lures but cold anbd pretty windy haven't helped and I am not over impressed with them, will post in the homemades thread soon with some pics of them. I did catch a couple of small pollack though so not all lost!!

today I tried for a wrasse in a new area, tried some shaky senkos, had some cracking hits but every time it was snagged up so i went back to my slow and twitchy and still some missed knocks til I hooked the one below, not very big so that's likely why I missed the takes.

Also tried another mark where I had the biggest smash of a take I have ever felt which resulted in nothing at all. Just trickling along the rocks with a 3.5g head and homemade brown slayer and nearly lost the rod it took so hard, Missed it completely, no marks on the lure. Could have been something non wrassy as they normally mark the lure or indeed bite it in half when they take hard.

Here's a few fish:

Close up of a toothy critter today:


Full pic of the wee toothy one.


Pollack on a new homemade LRF lure.



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