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a fish a cast

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this pic was taken last september by arthur it shows me and alan with a treble on was a fish a cast and ill never forget get it was excellent day and by far one of my most exciting days bass fishing.only memories now i was out this morning for a few hours no joy another blank(ive blanked since the middle of october last)
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Excellent stuff Pat,, i am yet to experience a day like that on the bass, but i wish it would hurry up.. :D
What a great picture Pat, is that the place i met you?
no mick ill bring you the next time your back its a great spot but it will cost you im very exspensive but ill settle for a chip and a burger and a can of coke to wash it down or am i pushing it now?
Fantastic, Pat - well worth a photo as those session seem few and far between! Were you in an estuary there?
tim yes its an estuary.
Looks glorious...
Tim Griffin said:
Looks glorious...
If it's where I think it is, it is glorious. On the right day it's a bit like wading the flats in Florida. On the wrong day it can be very wet........
I will second that , its a beautiful part of the coast and the fishing can be outstanding.
Fantastic picture, that must be a contender for going up on your wall.
it is up on the wall colm
That is a dealy picture Pat.

Hope to be down that neck of the woods again in the coming months, for a cup of tea with Arthur and maybe a Bass or 2 :) .
it wont be long now danny
Pat - catch up with you over there later on in the year.........planning multiple trips.
Pat - catch up with you over there later on in the year.........planning multiple trips.
jammy so & so (try to get down where that pic was taken Henry - amazing bit of water)

I have to agree with the previous post as I was with him on that very spot, probably the best couple of hours fishing I have had ever! the bass fishing was truly amazing
i will third that mate , we know that spot dont we !
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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