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A hard days fiishing

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Kayak(s): Ok Prowler 15 , OK Prowler Elite OK Prowler 13

Duration: 10:00 '- 15: 00

Tide: LW @ !0:00

Weather: Light winds flat calm

Method : Fly

Results: Me 1 Pollock ,, Pablo ! Wrasse ( allegedly :D ) Connor Cheque Book and Pen

Launched this morning into a flat clam sea ... not too many of them in a year

I paddled about half a mile off shore and began fluff chucking .. I had one pull and that was it for hours

Pablos fishfinder packed in as did Connors so I was the only one with a functioning fish finder , I drifted my usual spots for the pollock , but nothing was happening .. so eventually I paddled in closer to the shore and nailed a pollock on a bug bond surf candy ..few photos and the fish was returned .. nothing huge, few pound but better than nowt

It was a hard days fishing .. I suppose you can't expect much in February anyway

Good to get out tho

A few pictures .. sorry about the quality bit of water on my lens

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well done andy for getting out there and giving it ago.

fair play andy it wont be long now before the weather warms up a bit
Nice one Andy! Nice flat calm seas - total opposite of here at the moment!!
Nice one m8, tough yes, but...

You were out there doing it.

Keep the reports coming.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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