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A monkey moment

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I just had a monkey moment :wackit: just unpacked one of Cormorans new lure rods and I dont know if they listened to me or its just coincidence but they have released a beefed up version of that lovell TR4 they brought out last year, its called the Maro Power and its monkey monkey monkey. Anyone that wants a rod that is very nice looking, light to hold, I'd say a light/fast action if you know what I mean, very simular to the Shukan, 8ft and 20-60g (feels more like a true 10-45g to me) then this is the baby. Should be about £120...I think...I aint had the invoice yet. Its a dick taking pictures of rods, they just dont come out well.

I found this link, doesnt do it much but believe me its a beaut ... k7878.html
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Such good news that UK lure anglers are starting to be able to get their hands on a wider range of specialist plugging rods at various price points - nice one Mick.
Monkey Magic!

Another handsome looking rod from Cormoran. I've just found this link with a couple more pics.,63,1,1__products-model.htm?ovs_search0=maro

By the way, which models of the TR4 do you stock Mick? I like the sound of the 7' 6-28g. Can they cast an unweighted soft plastic (sluggo/xlayer) and how well do they cope with wrestling with a fair sized bass? Also, what has reliability/build quality been like? I believe that you sold a couple last summer, have the guys been happy with them? Any other rods for unweighted SPs?

I wonder if I can sneak another rod past the Mrs by saying that it's for use with a different type of lure. I've already convinced her that 'we' need a travel rod if she wants to go on holiday - that'll learn her! ;)
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I wonder if I can sneak another rod past the Mrs by saying that it's for use with a different type of lure.
Just lie m8. Works great.
Mick are they the rods we were shown at the tackle & guns show :wackit:
Yes Bob thats the one, and we have some more coming soon. It is great that some better kit is starting to dribble through, crazy that it is from the lesser known companies though eh.

Tony, I have the TR4 in the ??10-45g I think?? I have indeed sold a couple of them at least, dai has one, I would love to know how they preform with a decent bass onboard as they are a light rod. I recon it would be a battle to say the least. I got the lighter Maro in today too, I think its 10-30g, its also very light, maybe great for Perch etc, or Trout. The back up service/replacement is second to none with Cormoran, the build quality is great for the money, shame there isnt a Fuji seat on it though.

I keep looking out for alternative rods for sp work etc, its hard to be honest, Nantes will hopefully throw some cheaper ones up.
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Spoke to our forum member Fiquet, he has had bass to 7lb on the TR4, which is impressive when you think about it, this is a light rod. The lighter Maro rod is called the Ito Crank, cheeky eh, but I suppose as Daiwa owns 51% of Cormoran, and Megabass (Mr Ito san) has shares or more in Daiwa now, so it makes a bit of sense.
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