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Addicted to Soft Plastic

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So I had a fish yesterday on an SP so i figured i should go again!!

For some reason even looking at the NW F8 I still decided it was a good idea. it's not raining after all!!

My wife has now accepted that I have a screw loose!!

Anyway, back on the Pafex Sagat, now my favorite lure(!!), hard work to cast it out but managing about 20 yards, wnd against tide but the tide was moving well so if I kept the tip down the lure would go with the tide, lift it and the lure went slowly against tide with the wind. nice one. using this to advantage I could get the lure to hold station in the tide. Superb!!

And superb thought a fish when it slammed into the lure about 8 feet out. Pitch darkness. Love it!!! :D

Unfortunately he went into some weed shortly after hitting the lure and with bootlace wrapped round his face wasn't doing much in the fight department so I got it in quick with a view to release.

I was pleasantly surprised to weigh the old girl at 5-9-8. A new SP PB!! Not that it takes much to increase from yesterdays fish, this one may stand a bit longer. Is that good on an SP? I'm new to it so...

After releasing it and getting my arm rather wet in the process it was even colder than before in the howling NWly so I gave it a few more casts and hit into a pollack. Pollack on that mark signify time to leave!!

had a look at some marks under the lights in the harbours on the way home but no sign of anything so I went home early and here I am!!

So there you go, I now have a new addiction. At least they're cheaper than Zonks!!
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I'm sitting here 'Green' with envy at the success that you are having !!! Superb work - you are working hard for those fish in hairy-arse conditions!!! Very well done to you, another cracking report !!

Cracking fish anytime, any lure. Fair play to you.

There's a magic word in your post and I'm going to let our friends guess what it is.

BTW, who took the 'photo?

PS will the SP revolution have taken over Guernsey before we get there for next year's festival?!?!?!
hold or cheaper, depending on your angle Paul
FishingGuernsey said:
lift it and the lure went slowly against tide with the wind. nice one. using this to advantage I could get the lure to hold station in the

Ok, i rekon that the magic word is in the sentance above somewhere - i'm going with slowly ??? Dunno ?? Maybe hold ??
Keep trying guys (one more strike available)
I took the pic myself. Self timer with the camera rested up sort of level. I levelled it up in photoshop.

Key word eh?? Just one word? Other wise i'd go for the bit about making the lure hold station in the tide. It's a killer.

Wonder if she'll let me go tomorrow as well??

Will the SP revolution take place?? Well... It depends if people want to listen to me or not. I know not many are catching at the moment so maybe they will.

I like experimenting and trying new things but above all for me it's match the hatch and make it look as natural as possible, none of the attracting fish through vibration at the moment, it's getting cold now, more make a hunter take your lure instead of what they are hunting.
st ouen said:
Keep trying guys (one more strike available)
Hats off - that's better than I can take with the camera in my hands. Double jealous now.
st ouen said:
Hats off - that's better than I can take with the camera in my hands. Double jealous now.
Well in the original I am half frame size and the fish tail was in the shot by about 2mm... It's crop it and keep your distance as I said in the other post.
Oh well never mind. Maybe I'll feel more generous next week. :twisted: ;)
I just thought... Got to be "tide"!! How stupid of me...
and my second guess was going to be 'screw loose'
Blockhead said:
and my second guess was going to be 'screw loose'
I reckon it helps!! :lol:

He who dares Rodney!!
I never realised I had a sadistic streak. What are they putting in the holy water nowadays?
And the answer is chorda filum - string weed or "bootlace" as FG called it.

Bass LOVE this stuff. If you see some then fish near it, day or night. Isolated patches are best as they seem to concentrate fish.

Why do they like it? All I know is that in the summer the water amongst the string weed is noticeably warmer than the surrounding water. You can feel it on your face as you snorkel through. Sometimes the water shimmers with a haze caused by the warmer water.

Why would it work in the winter? Don't know. Do smaller fish take shelter amongst it? All I know is it is the business.

Don't let anyone know I told you.
All credit to you both in terms of commitment for going out in those conditions AT NIGHT, and for catching a splendid fish. Keep posting, so I can keep learning over the winter please!
Nice fish. I'm planning on trying the soft plastics a bit more next year.
Cracking fish,hope she lets you go tonight. :D
Got to go again... Please let her let me...

My mate just texted he had a 7-3 on a sluggo this morning!! I'm jealous...
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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