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Advice on buying a yak

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Hi, first post for me, I live in mylor cornwall and have been fishing around the cornish coast for several years now, anyway have developed a pretty good list of marks and have begun to realise the potential for great success using a kayak. Have been looking around for a decent one for a while now. Can anyone give me any advice on what to buy and where to get it from. I haven't seen much in the way of second hand sales? Trying to keep the budget to about £750 for the whole lot; paddle, clothing, etc. Any thought would be greatly appreciated cheers.
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Hello m8, I tried 2 or 3 different types of yak before i bought one and one of the best places is Cornwall Canoes over at St Columb, they will let you take out Yaks to try for free, its the best way to be honest, that why you can work out your needs, i.e. if you like speed first or stability, size, colour, width etc etc.

All these things i took notice off, as each one has a key roll, i picked yellow as its one of the most visible colours (for saftey), i went for loads of width and depth so i could have a dry ride. but having these last two things ment i didnt have the speed.

They also throw in freebees like a £80 set of wheels to move the Yak over any distance, but you could choose what you wanted really.

Which in the end i went with the Malibu x factor, which is so stable...!!!
£750 is a standard budget and would get you well on the way - worth looking into the safety aspect too and possibly budgetting a bit more ...

I picked up my X13 for £450 then spent around another £600 on kit and safety gear - ebay yaks tend to hold their value and its worth checking them out before buying blind!
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