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Ah look at the little baby.....

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These are just so cute I could kiss them

I have got a few different little babies in like these for Keith and Kev to try for the bream and triggers with, but I must admit I will be using them on my ultra light set up next season.

They are all about 50mm and weigh roughly 2g or so.
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Nice, very nice. Would be interesting up against some of the sussex fry feeders :twisted:
that top one looks like a lickle baby flapslap, if it is, they are a great lure Mick....for the bass :D
Its a Zip Baits Rigge Deep35 2.2g and dives to 1.3m, and I love the little tyke. Anyone wanna be its god parent when I christen it?
I know where you are coming from there. Great fun. I have some poppers that small!!!!Though can't remember who makes them. I will take some pics and post them when I get chance.

What are you going to use them on?
That's right Mick, show the world my new lures.. :D

I have some other secret weapons too just ready to be eaten by Bream and Triggers etc in 2010.
Very nice Mick, I could do with some of those for Perch fishing.

I've fancied some of these too, 18mm and 1gr each

Image File from website
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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