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Aloha from Dublin

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Hi all,

Love the site.

Wexford man living in Dublin. I'm mostly into river fly fishing for trout but am increasingly going back to my childhood and getting back into bass angling (It was strictly 2 ragworms and a 2 oz weight back then!)

Looking fwd to learning from you guys and passing on any info I might have...

Heading to wexford on 14th for a marthon session so that'll be my first catch report..

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Welcome Paul,

Glad you are enjoying the Site, looking forward to reading you catch reports !
Paul, there are plenty of lads your way, so I am sure you will get plenty of help. Welcome and good luck. Looking forwards to seeing some catch reports...
Welcome to the forum there is a hell of information here to bring you up to date with bass fishing today. Good luck for this season.
Ola Paul, welcome to the site,l hope to hear some good reports
Welcome Paul

Dublin's a tough spot for bass compared to W/ford but there's some respectable sea trout around - in north Wicklow the shore is practical for flyrodding if you can cast 20-25metres.
Welcome to the site Paul, I hope you find it as useful as I have and I look forward to reading the catch reports.
hello paul, welcome
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