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It may not be general knowledge but the main by catch of commercial squid fishing is whiting, obviously inshore, the squid may follow the whiting shoals into shallow water to hunt. Has anyone fished for Squid with lures other than Egi's/Jigs? It still amazes me when you speak to anglers who mention getting plagued by squid attacking their baits at night, and they dont seem to target them, when they know they are there. Maybe not squid but cuttle, the cuttlefish is mainly an ambush predator, so I dont imagine they will chase prey in open columns of water. Twitching and pausing lures hard on the bottom maybe the preferred method?

Never caught one myself or even been out to target them individually, I would imagine the hookup ratio could be fairly low, depending on the lure used of course.

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Yes Mike.
In fact, many Jersey blokes I know often fish mounted fish baits on squid and cuttle type cages or mounting wires.
A sandeel I'd thread on the wire type wheras the cuttles seem to like sections of garfish or mackerel in the cage type arrangement.

These can be jigged, float fished or just simply left on the bottom (cuttles).

Honestly, late season, say August thru Xmas, we get plagued by both Squid and Cuttles regardless of method. That includes bait or lure.
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