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There are a few working away in background very hard m8.
There is alot of quality gear coming our way.

And, the best thing about the Distributor in question is, they have asked anglers to really test
stuff before it goes live. Obviously, everyone has different tastes. I don't like topwater fishing.
I do it when it's on but it's not a method I go out to use on purpose Alex.

So, I was obviously less than enthusiastic opening the box.

I'll openly admit when I'm wrong about something and all you topwater nuts must like
this one cause if can excite me, that in itself is a miracle for a topwater based lure.

I've still got a ton of stuff to go through guys. It's not a case of tie it on, watch it swim.
I try them on various rods, braid diameters, into wind, with wind, in smooth and choppy sea's..

Testing soft baits is the hardest. Wrassing with a test pack of plastics can result in heavy losses
and no idea as to whether or not they work as you hope. This happened last week with a ton of soft lures
and jigheads. Lost a ton of gear in a pointless exercise. It happens but people don't see the dirty side of
testing, they just think it's a glamorous way to get to use loads of gear.

Not so easy when Bass are everywhere, you know they are on X plug but you have half a dozen
others to test you have ZERO confidence in.

Of course...

It can happen that every now and again you find a real GEM !

Mission Black Op's -->
was fished with a test lure. the Jackson Athlete 14...
You all know what happened there. I wish it was always like that but it invariably isn't.
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