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Andy Elliot Flatwings..

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I have just had the best surprise.

I had spoken to Andy about his flies before and you guys will know I'm a big fan of the pattern.
To get them right, they take some care and, the hackles, well, they flow in a fantastic fashion
on a flat wing.
I know the deceiver has a fine reputation. We too have caught countless fish on them but...

When we started to dead drift proper and use current to move the flies, the flatwing shone like
no other.

I had a decent amount of Andy's flies after the 09 Bass Festival, courtesy of Alex Jordan.
I've spoken in depth to Ken Abraham's about the pattern and his great book, 'The Illusion
Of Life' speaks volumes about the pattern.

It also makes you realise that to tie the patterns in any range of colours is going to cost a great deal
of money.

I'm sorry if this all seems like an advert but I'll be blunt. Getting custom quality at the prices Andy
charges is plain silly. They are worth much more imho. He obviously knows his stuff.

I can't stop looking at this latest batch. They are beautifully tied and screaming Bass.
Some are much longer than I had previously and they are going to flow so well across
micro current it will be unreal.

I can tie flatwings, I have tied bunches of em. I would never tie them commercially. Life is
too short. You've got to see these flies and FEEL them to appreciate it.

I'll photograph them later and then hide them under my pillow till the time is right.
I'll stick up the pics on my blog and share some here too.
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Ahh you got them ... i was beginning to panic ..I have very little faith in Royal Fail

I made them as long as I could...should give you plenty of action for dead drifting

you'll notice the white ones are bulkier than the coloured ones ... Jim calls that one the BWO big white one, it works well over here

there's' also a very bulky one wine and olive colour , thats' to show how big the profile can go

The black scruffy one is tied with saltwater yak hair ... does'nt look like much out of the water .. but looks dam good in the water

the shrimps .. I only had size 10 hooks ... couldn't get an 8 anywhere

glad you like them
tight lines for 2010
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Have to agree with Kieth, Andys flys are super :clap:

I passed my tying bug onto him, now i get him to tie most of my flys. Says it all...!
Any you guys got gerrys email addy .
Used to fish with him years ago in jersey aint heard from him for years ,
Andy Elliott said:
Gerry Friel ?
Yes Andy, Gerry Friel .
He used to come over with a group from the uk , wreck fishing, and Turbot off our sand banks
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