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Anglesey - Blankety Blank

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A family free weekend on Anglesey with the hope of seeking out a few marks for the summer and meeting up with folk from both the lure forum and B.A.S.S. Saturday AM I was meeting Fin from the lure forum and Richie from BASS... but it started Friday for me.

Waders... beggar those shakey ones will be the death of me so a good call from Fin put me onto Malc at ABC in Beaumaris... saved me £70 on a pair of breathables... my journey had taken me via Chester to pick up a pair of Platinums - sorted by 4pm!

The evening session was to a setting sun with the fly rod and waist deep in water a sea trout jumping on three separate occassions and a flurry of small mackerel exiting the water out of casting distance... no catch BUT what a backdrop!

Saturday was an early call and I met Fin at 5am and we spent the next 5 hours working around a headlandas the tide dropped and then as it flooded. I opted for the fly again... I love making it hard for myself, however, I had some new patterns I wanted to try and if you don't try you won't catch. No catches but we did see a dog fish and a sea trout!

I had a 2 hour power nap before meeting up with Richie for a long walk... Richie opted for bait and spoon and I had fly with back up was a lure rod... I majored on the fly in difficult conditions - neither of us caught BUT I did see my first bass off the year as it swam between me and the shoreline! Nothing of any great size and I wondered where all its buddies were. Richie decided at one point that fishing was all too much for him and decided that he'd allow the quicksand to do its worst with him... a worrying few moments and one where I decided that perhaps one of us should be able to reach a mobile :D Richie had a wet walk homeand drained at least 2 pints from a thigh wader!

This morning I had a bumble of 3 hours... half hearted fishing as the conditions weren't right but it was good seeking out a few lesser know coves...

It's nice to be out!

I'd like to thank both the above for their company and look forward to bumbling with them over the course of the summer...
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A very nice account of your weekend David. Thanks for sharing :D
Excellent report Dave and weekend well spent, shame on the blank, but it sounds as if you enjoyed !
Was good to meet up David, shame we didnt connect with any fish but was a fine morning! Those terns and gannets put on quite a show eh? Was an amazing sight seeing them smash into the water - shame they were out of reach!!
unlucky on the blank mate,theres always next time!
unlucky on the blank mate,theres always next time!
Billy - I have few good ideas now so not all is lost :D David
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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