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another one to the colour chart

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Not really much of a catch report as I only fished for just over an hour but went for a bumble this morning and had another wrasse. Now I know this is getting boring as it was being done years ago by much greater people than I. However I figured i'd share.

I was saying to Callum how the only colour slayer in my box I had NOT caught on was the AYU so I figured I'd give that one a go. So first cast......... fish on, this thing was like a big goldfish.



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Nice one Ritchie,lovely colour.Btw what camera are you using?
Cheers Steve. Its the Canon eos 500d mate
Well done Ritchie, beautiful looking fish, i really need to get out and catch some.
Nice fish Ritchie looks like its been Tango'd
Has it got chunks of its tail missing Ritchie?
Well done Ritchie, Useing soft plastics for Wrasse, we will never have to use Crabs again

Has it got chunks of its tail missing Ritchie?
yeah it has
Stunning fish, and really nice photo's Ritchie :clap:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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