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The plan was to meet Mr. Walker at midday for some beach bashing at shoreham, conditions were good, visibility excellent... I arrived an hour before Andrew hoping to bag a couple before he got there.... didn't happen. Andrew arrived, he took the bottom on Giant X-Layers, I took the mid and shallow depths, a good plan but the fish didn't read the script. Apart from one fry I saw jump and some gulls working early on nothing, a big fat zero.

Change of plan and off to mark No.2, beaches next to the marina, again excellent conditions if a little cold but no fish....

Always good to meet with Andrew, he's a good chap. Shame about the lack of fish though...

I think the sussex bass have had their fun for the year on this patch. Still reports of them coming up further west so that bodes well for the cornish bumble I hope they've all headed down for you guys...
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