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Another rod for SP's!

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I was going to ask the same question as the other thread, however given the replies I'll be quite specific....:-D

I'm looking for something, up to £150 (approx), specialist SP rod as opposed to a "do it all", for use with jig heads around 7-12g, mainly using xlayers etc for bass over reefs, surf beaches and esturies

Recommendations please!

Also, more generally, what characteristics makes a good action in a rod for SP'[email protected] i.e. if I'm having a waggle in a shop what am I looking for!

Thanks for you help

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Good move on your specifics Mike! One of the more tech folk'll give you an answer soon. The Teklon Concept Spin rods have been getting rave reviews.
The Teklon could be a good one to go for actually. It does have a nice soft tip - which is what you need if you're going to be carefully twitching lighter baits. One of the guys who actually uses one though may be able to give the best advice though. I used Henry's briefly, but not with a soft bait.

Other than that, i think there are a lot of allrounders in that price range, ike you say, but not many I can think of specifically designed for soft baits.

The Shimano Beastmaster and Speedmaster Drop Shot rods may be worth a look though!!

Also, if you fancy something fully different, Daiwa France make a nice rod called the Caldia Soft Bait (or something like that). It was a lovely rod to play with in France. Perhaps a bit of an unknown gamble though.
Cheers guys, I've got the heaviest version of the teklon, which is great rod for what I bought it for(heavier HP's) but it lacks a little bit of feel at the lighter end of things
Hi, i have teklon concept 702l, didn't have chance to use it yet, but loks and feels very nice
Veals in Bristol are now stocking the above Teklon rod. Was in there today and they've just had a batch of them in.

Casting range stated as 7-25gm
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Nice, I'll pop in tomorrow lunchtime,
That's the mail order Veals, rather than the shop by the way....but you probably know that!

£95 too, great price.
Aahh...when you said you popped in I assumed the shop, cheers
yeah thought it worth clarifying as it gets a bit confusing with 2 separate tackle companies with the same name in Bristol!
Like I've stated in other threads, be careful.
Not all rods work and as you learn its often a costly exercise when you realise your gear is failing you.
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Yep, both pretty good now for lure stuff too
Yeah they seem to have a lot more lure stuff in recently. I picked up some of the cannelle articulated jighead weights from them today. They didn't have any of the smaller sizes that I'd like (below 8grm) but nice to be able to get that sort of stuff locally when possible.
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