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Out today and was not prepared for the horrendous swell that was running up the south east coast of Jersey.I decided it was too risky to run as far south East as I wanted. Eventually found a spot that produced us 4 fish the biggest around 4.5lbs

Derek measuring one of his fish

We tried a number of other spots which resulted in a fish of around 2.5 lbs

Due to the wind we moved onto another spot where I know fish will be at this time of year which resulted in a further 16 fish YES 16 fish ranging from 3lbs down to smaller fish however the average size was around 2lbs. It pays to keep an eye on what the birds are doing and we could see a lot of activity when we got there.Most of the fish caught on redgills,a swim senko and shads
1 - 4 of 4 Posts