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April 2010 Welsh Bumble - The Report !!!!

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Where to start . . . where to start . . . . . . :shock:

Ok, firstly, thankyou to everyone who helped to make it happen -

Tim for sorting accomodation, general arrangements, making sure that everyone was fed & watered - i know we give you some stick Tim, but you did a fabulous job :clap:. Marc W for organising the raffle (which i'd say was a rip-roaring success). Steve for helping coordination of people arriving. MrFish Jersey for his very generous donations to the raffle, HR Jones Clydach for more generous donations, and everyone else who contributed to the raffle (if i've missed out a business that contributed, please PM me, and i'll add it).

Another HUGE thankyou to the guys who made an enormous effort, and travelled a bloody long way to join us: Trev gets the title for longest journey !! Over 700 miles to join us !! Nathan, Rob, and the 2 lads endured the journey from hell on Friday afternoon due to an overturned lorry on the M4. Rob F travelled by train down from Manchester, then walked around 2 miles to the pub !! Gents, i wish we could have put you into a few fish, but i just hope that you've gone back feeling that it was worth the effort that you put in ? What a set of Gents !!

So much happened over the 2 days that it'll take some recounting.

We turned up on Saturday morning, expecting a small sprinkling of people - in reality, we had a good dozen men, all raring to go !!

On the first mark, there were some Terns smashing into the water just beyond the surf line - the Terns were soon joined by excited pluggers . . .

We had a cracking first day, with fish landed - i'll leave the details to those who landed them :wink:. The evening drinking session was nothing short of ledgendary !! As Trev has posted in the Bumble Thread, it was a seriously memorable occassion, and i think i've broken 3 ribs, ruptured my spleen, and broken my arse bone from laughing so much :rofl:!!!! We've somehow managed to accumulate a group of men from the top-draw !! I can honestly say, hand on heart, there wasnt one angler there that i wouldnt travel the length of the country to fish with again :-D.

Special mentions have to go to Daz & Greg !! It's your faults that i'm in such pain - i cant remember laughing that much, and for so long !! I cant thank you enough for a wonderful evening !!

Also, we had the moment when grown men wee'd their pants, when about 6 pints into the session, Nathan plonked 2 huge boxes of shiny sparkly wonderful lures onto the table :shock:. Money exchanged hands :shock: :wink:.

The following morning saw the remainder of the Bumblers turn-up. A hearty breakfast was enjoyed by all, the raffle was drawn. Marc W, i hope you don't mind, but i'll just mention the sum of money raised ?? I am just about to use the Donate button to contibute the £150 that was raised by the raffle :clap::clap::clap: - an outstanding result. That sum of money will go towards ensuring that this forum remains up & running (see the sticky in the Social Club for more details about donations HERE).

We then had the Group Photo . . . . . . . . . feck me . . . . . . . . . a local handyman working at the pub offered to take the pic for us!! I showed him how to operate the camera, then joined the group. We all looked on in bewilderment, as we could see his face in the LED display facing us . . . then . . . . . . CLICK FLASH !!!!!!!

By the time he took the next pic (when i'd turned the camera around :???:) the 30 blokes that were crying laughing infront of him, looked a bit like this . . .

So we then split up into our Bumble groups, and headed off again for the day. A couple more shots from Sunday . . .

Back at the pub later that evening, we debriefed, enjoyed a last pint of Bass, and then drifted off.

What a weekend !! What a wonderful group of people !!! What a location !!! What a laugh !!!

I'm looking forward to the rest of your pics & accounts of the sesh gents !!! Just tag them onto my ramblings . . . . . .

I'll leave you with a short vid (i've got more ;) ) . . . . . . . . .

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Great report Si, the weekend has left me with alot of happy memories, Thank you ALL !
Cracking report and pics Si', i have some good pics to add after Hywel makes a post, and that guy with the camera was fookin hilarious..:p :p :p another great Welsh Meet.. lets have another soon..;)
Nice job on the report and pics, Si - worth waiting for. I am still chuckling about the group photo - absolute classic. I'll just add my thanks to Simon's to everyone who helped organise this weeked - Simon deserves a medal purely for straightening out the logistical nightmare that were the final accomodation arrangements, ably assisted by Iestyn I believe. Again, a big round of applause to everyone who travelled so far and to those who donated prizes for the raffle. I had the most fun and met some terrific new friends.

Legends were made and tales will be told of this weekend for a long, long time. If you missed the Welsh Bumble this time, make sure you don't miss the next one. We may not have found as many fish as we would have liked this time, but by God we know how to have a bloody good laugh.

As for all the stick I get from the Welsh boys, I guess I deserve it for being English and living in Wales (in their eyes anyhow)!
Sounds like you all had a right bloody larf! Nice one chaps!
What a truly awesome weekend! I really don't know where to start! Massive respect to Daz the REAL Bass Legend, Simon and Steve for the lifts and great banter, Greg for general acts of lunacy, Trev and Iestyn for great tactical discussions, the list goes on and on and on, each and every one a true gent! Thankyou so, so much for organising this! (and for not even mentioning the "M" word once all weekend!)
well done to all involved it sounds like ye all had a great weekend and thats what its all about enjoying yourself.
First off, i'd like to thank Tim, Simon, Iestyn and anybody else who was responsible for organising a cracking Welsh bumble, and to say it was nice to meet everybody who was fishing on the Sunday, and also a big thankyou to Hywel for making it possible for me to attend...

Right, after getting picked up at 4.30am (should have been 4 am but the bloody alarm didn't go off, :( ) Hywel and I arrived at Wsemans bridge at around 6 O'clock and decided to have a bit of an early start on the others, so we promptly got into our waders, set up our rods and headed to the rocky outcrops in front of the pub, we fished there for a couple of hours with no takes until the pub opened at around 8 am, here we were fed bacon baguettes and steaming coffee, prior to the raffle being called (in which i won myself a tidy little watch)

Then after working out where everybody were going to fish, we all went out for the group photo, which as you probably read in the other posts was a classically funny experience.. :p

Once Simon had taught the guy which way to point the camera, we all headed off to our chosen marks, first port of call for us was Lydstep, where we met Marc W... we thrashed the very coloured water for a good while before deciding that we were probably wasting our time and headed further west in search of clearer water

Our next port 'O call was Angle, where we met up with Tim and George and Mark (tide dale) and what a truly outstanding place this is,

but even though it looked like a bass paradise, after using lots of differnt lures and styles of retrieve, we fished it for a few hours, and then decided that we should head for Stackpole quay or Lydstep..

BUT, as we followed the coast road back east, we came across this beautiful sight....

This place, in the words of Henry, "just screamed BASS" so we quickly found a place to park and headed to the fingers of rock that you can see in the above Photograph.. the conditions were perfect (apart for the amount of loose weed in the water which clogged up the hooks on the lures every cast) but Hywel and I put up with that cos the place just looked so right..

I then decided to move from where i was over to Hywels left, when i suddenly heard a whistle, and an arm quickly beckoning me to join him,, and Hywel managed to achieve what we'd all got up for that morning....

A FISH.. :D :D :D

and at 41.5 centimeters, it seems this little beauty just couldn't resist the charms of a feedshallow in mullet :D

Spurred on by Hywels success we carried on fishing until we were pushed right off the fingers of rock, where we made our way back to the car and enjoyed a nice glass of wine (in plastic wine glasses) and enjoyed soaking up the sunshine which had been absent for most of the day...

We then headed back to Lydstep for the final hour of fishing (where i had a good hit on my lure but all i managed to beach was a very large fish scale impaled on one of my trebles...:eek: ) before finally returning to the Wisemans, for a debrief of the days results..

All in all, it was a fantastic day out, made more pleasurable by a great bunch of Bumblers...

and even though there were not alot of fish caught, i for one cannot wait 'til the next one.... :D
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As stated gents, great weekend, great guys and banter and some classic moments. Thanks for making me cry with laughter :) Roll on next bumble !!!!

Any prizes for the 20lb M?
nice one guy's looks and sounds like you had a great weekend,
Perfect account Marc, a few more pic which show just how "bassy" that mark was...

And someone seems to have lost part of their red rod!!!

A really fantastic Bumble and much thanks to those who helped organise it, can we have another next week?


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I thought i would just throw it in the sea......good idea at the
well guys,id like to say a big thanks to you fellas for a great weekend.your company was second to none,bloody awesome in was hard but reckon theyl be showin in good numbers in the next few weeks.managed to take a 4 pounder on saturday to the tide minnow sld hollographic, lovely strong fish that really showed off its fins for si,s lovely lumix{want one}.rob took a lovely mullet during the session,nice thick set fish.went over to another venue sunday with the guys and clarity wasnt the best but we all got stuck in.managed to land another of three and half pound which fell to daiwa saltiga minnow in deep blue.we all tried hard but sadly that was it and everyone made there way back to the cars takin in all the stunnin scenery.awesome marks and fantastic company........thanks again guys,hopefully see you all again soon..daz.
What a weekend...
Giggling like a school kid all day today.
Huge thank you to all those who made it possible.
What a pleasure to meet a big bunch of blokes who take the fishing seriously and not themselves...

Top moments:
1. 'prepare to mount'
2. Daz
3. Silver wig
4. Iestyn's Dad
5. Young Luke fast asleep on a bar bench - kid shows promise!
6. the team photo

The list is endless.

Wales is not such a bad place after all, running water, electricity, decent beer...

Finally, thanks Trev - the perfect roomy!
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Daz, I don't think we can have another Bumble without you! You are now a Legend and Mascot for all future Bumbles. :grin:
The other thing that I wanted to say was how fantastic it was to see so many young uns, the future of the sport. Adam, Luke, George, Nathan's two - happy days and well done lads.
Greg, seriously mate a truly epic performance! Take a bow!

Young Luke is a star! He's already got such a good understanding of what lures for which marks etc
Was loving having him advise me at Stackpole, everything he said made perfect sense! Definitely one to watch there!
Well guys, what more can be said.......a tremendous 'Thanks' to the lads who did all the organising, top marks to the 'pub of bumbles' and its fraternity :D Does anyone know if the team photographer is available for a wedding I have to go to in a month? Thanks to the raffle winner many tickets???? Nath and his box of shineys :D Oh, and Daz, thumbs up mate and that mark of yours is dire at the mo, no wonder you went somewhere else ;)
Sheesh, forgot the Hounddog from Magor, a fit pollock and a knackered rod bar, great to have your company Steve :)

When's the next one?
Congratulations on that stunning 4lb'er Daz !!! I didnt quite get the shot i wanted on the release, but i'll get some practice in before the next Bumble ;) . . . .

love that camara si,under water shot was fab,thanks again mate,daz.
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