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aquapac for iphone

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Hi, does enyone have one? Good and bad points about it? I was reading reviews and quite few people complained that it was hard to take phone out of it.
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I'm sure that Nathan had some kind of swanky cover on his when he came to the Welsh Meet - send him a PM & check what he was using ??
Thanks chaps, I will be getting one.

On an off topic note, do you guys that have iPhones use any tide apps? Could you recommend one that has times for Jersey?
Hi Mark, i have uk tides app, nearest station to Jersey that it shows is Braye.
Mark, check out TidesPlan10!
You guys need a Otter Box, there is nothing better!!
Mark, check out TidesPlan10!
I cannot see it in the app store? Does it have Jersey on it?
Yes, it does. I even have St hellier saved in my favourites. Looks like they've renamed it actually! ... Marine Tides Planner 10. £2.99.
Hi, Nathan. Which otter box do you have? I was looking at armor series, but they seem to be discontinued. All the others I find are not water proof.
I have 3G S one. this is the one i use most of the time and is great!, splash proof, dust proof, drop proof
That last one's a nice looking piece of kit! just got an overboard case. Wish i had seen that one instead now! would be great if it floated, looked like it sunk on the youtube vid. Lost count of the amount of times i've nearly dropped mine over the side of the yak!
That last one-otterbox armor case looks realy good, but it looks like its discontinued,i can't find it anywhere.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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