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At last a breakthrough.

Discussion in 'The Learning Zone' started by {name}, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Sprat

    I've been struggling lately with the drop shot, I simply cannot get any fish. The lake is rock hard too and I doubted it held any perch on truth. But yesterday it came good, a bit anyway.

    I found some perch feeding on fry, the water would suddenly erupt with bait fish flying everywhere. I'm not a great thinker but ended up with a 6 foot drop to my weight, with the tiny plastic fly 2 inch about 3 feet down. The fish were moving up and down the back, I'd get a bite a throw, providing I landed the little 10 gram weight in the middle of the shoal. Sometimes it was as the weight landed and I'd miss a spanker.

    It got me thinking about the past blanks. Either I have been fishing at the wrong depth, or simply not finding any fish in front of me? Anyway it's given me much more confidence in the drop shot technique as a method.

    It shows you don't have to fish this method just off the bottom, but where the fish are feeding!

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  2. Snapper

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