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Avatar the Movie

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Well before the rotten snow started, I went to see the new Avatar movie. It has been hyped to death, blah blah changes the standard of sci-fi movies forever blah blah most expensive movie ever made etc etc. Now for me the hype was a bad sign, can't remember the last movie that lived up to the hype.

But OMG this film does, In fact I cannot remember being so blown away by a film in years. Great story, amazing action, and simply breath taking beautiful in places. The attention to detail is incredible. In short go and see it, and if you can find a cinema that is showing the 3D version, GO
Kids will love it, including this one.
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Dave, it does look good. Ur right in a way trying to actually watch a film and think dam that was worth the wait.
Just seen it. One of the most visually impressive films I've ever seen.

Hit's home too with the 'look after the land and it will look after you' theme.
Christ, you can tell the winter temps are effecting fishing when we start doing film reviews... :muttley:

WTF,, theres always "ANARCHY" :wackit: :wackit: :jump: :lol:
watched dancin with wolves this afternoon...amazin..lump in the old throat...couldnt get away with hayfever lol :cry:
dazdecs said:
watched dancin with wolves this afternoon...amazin..lump in the old throat...couldnt get away with hayfever lol :cry:
Sh1te,, was dancing with dinkypoo's on today,, i fekkin loved that Phillum, (total class) :muttley:
Just finished watching Twin Towns for the 100th time, going to have hot dogs for tea and then off to buy my own Fu**ing glue ( those who have seen the film know what I mean)
Thanks for the review, I was gonna give that one a miss due to the hype and the fact they already brought out a computer game about it etc.

Might give it a go now.
I think I will wait until it comes out on BluRay.
Looking forward to seeing the new Star Trek film over Christmas on Sky box office HD.

Anyone seen it yet ?
I have always been a Trekky. :oops: :lol:
Dang so busy with work and the puppy I haven't had a chance to see Avatar yet - looks right up my street ... did you see the 3d version Dave?

The new Star Trek movie is wicked - spend some time to sit and watch it! highly recommended!
Yeap saw the 3D version, When Camaron says it is what he wanted for the movie, it had to be worth finding a cinema showing the 3D.
I have seen the new Star Trek movie, very pacey and great action seqences.
I wondered if it was just hype, will make the effort to go see it at the cinema now, cheers Dave.

Oh Nick, the last film I saw was the new Star Trek movie, I loved it, it peices together all the bits that you may have wondered about the original series, it was great. Live long and prosper mate, you are not the only trekie on here, I used to watch them all, original series, next gen, deep space and voyager, have never seem a single episode of the one with the guy from quantum leap in it though.....
i saw it with the kids in 3d brilliant movie i never saw anything like the colours trippy stuff.
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