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Baby Patchinkos

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I have just been reading Tunnys thread on ultra light tackle, great reading and I cant wait for some ultra light fishing next year. Once again the Saint has beaten me to it, he got his set up last year.

I have just had the baby Patchinkos in, 11g, 10cm, they are beautiful. Tunny was on the phone when they arrived so fair play to him he has one on the way already. I will get my camera out later.

My mate Neil was using his Megabass Destroyer with small surface lures towards the back of the summer, the Megabass Dog-X Ito Coayu, he had loads of fun and loads of fish to 6lb, I cant wait to try it next summer myself. I was surprised at how he didnt have to cast very far, the fish were there right in front of him.
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mick would they be ok for the injection?i want to start stocking up over the winter
Saw the baby Patchinko's the other night - superb little lure - exact replica of the normal ones but tiny!
What colours have you got Mick?
Hey Pat, yes they will be sound on the Injection, in fact I have used a standard Patchinko on the Injection and it was ok.

The colours are just awesome, we have the classic Nacre, Silver/Black, Cabot, 500g and also a Blue Lagoon and this absolutely Kleenex material colur called Silver Lemon, its a chatreuse back, silver sides and bright green head, looks better than it sounds probably so I will take some pics when I get home.
sounds good mick look forward to the pics.
loxia said:
mick would they be ok for the injection?i want to start stocking up over the winter
Frosties and small Z-Claws are going to be awesome on the Injection. Reduce braid down to at least .13 in Power Pro + 10 or 15lb flrou leader (Ask Vidar about the real breaking strain of Power Pro), not that stated on the box.

I am going to be using hard plastic lures up to 25g on my Injection (thats when i get one).
Oh boy, oh boy
I guess my prays haven't been in vain. A smaller Patchinko is real.
For me this year surface lures have been great, and the Patchinko has been a favourate way to scout new water. Bass just seem to have to give themsleves away, by boiling, splashing, or hitting the lure. Must be that lovely snaking action of a slow worked Patchinko. But as far as bass on the beach, the slightly smaller surface lures have had the edge. Yo-Zuri Mag Popper 105, Zara Spook Jnr, and the awesome Z Claw. But now there is a perfect sized Patchinko, and Mick said on the packaging that they state that this one flies almost as well as it's bigger brother (given it's size).
And now the aweful wait for the postman begins :x
Oh and MrFish,
Don't let Bob buy them all just yet :D :D :D
Now then Dave ....
I wondered why i had an itchy palm !!! saved some money and what does the fishy boy do ??????

Gets new stock in AAAHHHH.. will be there tomorrow just love new toys :lol:

Fancy adding one or two to my collection ! Will the Shukan be suitable to cast them :?: :?:
stevelewis430101 said:

Fancy adding one or two to my collection ! Will the Shukan be suitable to cast them :?: :?:
Your Shukan will be sound mate.

Right I am an idiot. Bought photo shop from an online shop, had it delivered very quickly, been trying to install it for an hour or so to help with the pics etc, just realised I have bought the Mac version!! Just as well my daughter has an apple mac, early xmas pressie for her!

Right, back to basics, I will now take a couple of shots and post them, wont be long.......
Sorry, took some cleaning up....

Sorry about picture quality, bad lighting, and in a rush. The new green colour is so beautiful in the flesh, its a winner without a doubt.
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Green one being the green headed one? is the bottom one a illusion?
Niiiiiiiiice!! :D I like the idea of using smaller topwater baits.

Have you run out of kleenex yet :!: :!:
Love the 1st,4th and 6th colours, I will have to find room for a couple more :D :D
Yes the green head one really does it for me, I cant wait til the fish are playing on top again. The bottom one is a 500g, see through sandeel colour but they call it the Lieu, which means Pollack??
Hmm, the usual green patchinko's a goodun. Erm 2 green heads and 2 500g's please Mr Miyagi
stevelewis430101 said:

Have you run out of kleenex yet :!: :!:
:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

them are some sweet lures! :p
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