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Back to taxing thoughts about line again!

Discussion in 'Lines' started by {name}, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Sandeel

    Isle of Wight
    Hi guys,

    Some of you recommended a brand of braid I went with suffix and I like it a lot. I went for 20lb and I have looked after the best I can as I do with all my gear. That said I have snapped it recently and it has only had 5 or so trips. I guess may have got damaged on rocks etc. Do any of you use a heavier braid for lure work over rough ground and if so to what breaking strain? I am not looking to bully the fish but I wonder if I would lose fewer lures if I upped the braid and kept to the 20lb leader. I use 40lb braid on one reel but I do not know if that is too heavy for general lure work.

    Slightly off subject but I have been using braid to a 20lb leader no problems with a knot I have used for years no problem but I have had the Sufix slip a bit on me, perhaps I should use some glue on the knot.


  2. Wrasse

    I bought some of the suffix 832 in 20lb b.s recently and the 0.15mm diameter certainly helped distance wise over open ground, but i'd have no worries going up to the 26lb and 0.18mm next time as most of my fishing is over rough ground.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Perch

    Co Down
    I use the Sufix 832 on one of my lighter lure set ups. I really rate this braid and get on with it well. However I do find it shears easier than Powerpro over very rough ground. If I am fishing some of my marks over the rougher stuff and sharp rocks I stick to good old Powerpro. It may be a little old hat and a bit less refined but serves me well when the line takes a bit of punishment. I don't like really long mono or fluorocarbon leaders but do tie on a short length of leader to take up the worst of the abrasion.
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  4. Pollock

    hayle cornwall
    20lb or #1pe is good all-round
    If your fishing very rough ground tie a long leader using an fg knot. I tie a 6-8ft flouro leader and have landed a few fish I'd no right to right in amongst it.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
  5. Striper

    plymouth england
    tried the spiderwire x8 duel ygk upgrade an castaway
    an after losing a heap of lures last week or so im back to powerpro again.

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