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I have been using baitcaster rods & reels for a few years.
I have quite a range of rods from 6'6" to a 10' ABU Suverain along with a selection of reels.
I find that fishing with baitcasting gear gives much more feel as you are directly holding the reel & normally feeling the exposed rod blank.
However the downside is that casting reels do not like light lures / baits. Below about 14g it is very difficult to get any distance & birdsnests become difficult to avoid.
The Yanks seem to be using very short distance casting on rivers or off boats so do not suffer this problem so much.
To exploit SP lures & lightweight plastics at distances required for sea fishing a F/S reel is required ( IMHO )
I rig my Suverain as a baitcaster for tobys & larger plastics & use a Teclon spin with F/S For mixed light - med lures.
I also have a 5-20g rod for very light SP work (£ 20 from the market but good tippy action!!)
Just take whichever the venue calls for.
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