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So yesterday was a bank holiday and the nipper is keen now I have started to catch fish and since he was up as early as normal we headed down a cliff to fish the last of the flood tide. He's only 6 but i've started to test him further on more "scary" marks. the breakwater here is not a place for a small child, feathers everywhere, muck, language etc etc but enough of that...

Down the cliffs. Easier cliff mark, well it is at high water on that side of the headland anyway.

He went with the bait on his float, still prefers his visual fishing so half an eel it is.

After not long the bites begin in the rough stuff. Real chance of a bass when it's like that but when he finally connected it was obvious what it was.

Not a bad specimen!! Put a bend in his spinning rod but he did it all on his own.


I was working through a few lures and decided a 3 inch big hammer in pearl with a 7g shad head and 2/0 as the order of the day, casting out and swinging through into the deeps I had a hit fairly deep and we're in!! I knew what it was on the braid and LRF rod straight away. Much more fun that the breakwater way...

He just wouldn't stay still so several pics with odd poses...


The boy had several more bites but just couldn't connect other than being smashed up. Likely a pollack as it went to weed but might have been a bass. Had plenty there before.

We gave up as the tide was falling fast.

I went back out alone in the evening, decided to cheat and use some bait. Bread and shirvy for a mullet.

Thought I had one as this guy came in upside down with whte belly showing, couple of runs and some serious head shaking but the Avon rod didn't hardly creak. Went 3lb 2oz. One of the best I have had on bread.


Once it got too dark to see the float (not something mullet are worried about but I had no lights or headlamp) so went off to a lit mark with the LRF rod.

2nd cast with the 3" big hammer and we're in again!! Thought it was a bass at first but it soon just kited into the light. Pretty big for that mark.


Came in at a shade under 2lb. Good fight on the light gear and more food...

Had a coulpe more average size colin's round the 1lb mark but missed more takes then I connected with due to the large lure but I couldn't be bothered to change it. Seemed all the fish were hanging in a small area. Strange place to hang out considering how the tide moves down there, must be a bottom feature creating an eddy or something as it seemed out of the logical ambush zone.

Night off tonight... Got new job forms to fill in. Sooooo many questions... :shock:


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Nice report Andy, great fish and nice to see the boy enjoying :-D
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