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Well it's hot here today!!

There's a still a fair old NW breeze but tis hot, the water is GIN clear and little movement on a set of neaps.

Not that I let that put me off. I'm on a roll now...

2nd cast...


Bass. 51cm, 3lb 2oz. Another one for the club, i'm playing catch up still.

Took a baby feed shallow in the rough shallow turbulent water here:


Shame I had missed the tide and it was already an hour down. Had several follows through that small mark from grey shapes, more bass...

Then I had this chap on the feed, hooked in the side of the jaw area.


and then I lost the lure. I was using the infeet so only had the baby feed and baby patchinko in the bag. Need more light shallow divers...

Anyway, since i Had some softies it was HRF time!!

1st cast and I missed a fish. Second cast I didn't!!


3lb 7oz on a big hammer 3 inch in "Steve's Shad" with a 7g shad head, slow bumping rock retreive hoping for more bass.

Nearly every cast I was having knocks but they were all small fish I guess.

Then I had this one.


About 2lb I guess.

I had another shortly after even smaller, all on the same lure which was starting to look a bit sorry for itself on the 2/0 head and then I bent the hook out and it was time to go anyway.

So there we go. The fish are IN!! About bloney time!!


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Done well again m8

was clear and sunny with NE blowing here today , managed 2 schoolies and 3 wrasse myself.
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