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Bass at sainsbury's..

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I've just been on the "other" forum and i came across a post saying that bass at sainsbury's was being sold for £29.99 per Kilo, so not believing that for a second, i checked it out and the guy was right,,

Sainsbury's Skinless Boneless Sea Bass Fillets, Taste the Difference (approx. 210g)
:( :eek: :(
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You're totally right Keith, with prices for bass that high no wonder everyone and their net is after them,

when me and dai were fishing down at Porthcawl last friday, we saw a guy setting a net across a gully, and when i asked if he had a licence? he said that it wasn't required as the net was only 4 meters in length,

but not knowing the exact rules for inshore netting, and seeing that the net was only 4 meters across and the diameter of the net didn't seem too small i let it go
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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