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Bass fishing e-book

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I have turned my bass fishing blog into an e-book containing over 250 pages of notes, photos, help and tips from the ramblings of a brain soaked in saltwater and sunshine. It is downloadable @ in .pdf format for a limited time. It does not contain the articles I wrote for Irish Angler or Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazines. Hope it might be of interest/help to some people.

bendy rods - Jim
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Just had a look at the e-book Jim, looks really good, Thanks for your input,, Marc.
Will have a look at the ebook, always looking to learn something.
I saw on your site some pics of a daiwa branzino daybreaker custom, Is it yours?? What do you think of it??
Brilliant! Nice one Jim!

...I saw that Daiwa too. And although not quite so exciting, the Illex snap links. :?:
sweet nice one Jim :)
hi guys

I do now own a day breaker! - the angler fishing with me that day was from south africa and had fished with it both in SA and AUS to many different species - it is a remarkable piece of equipment and dare I say it, sometimes you can just get jaded from so much hype etc about gear but this made me sit up immediately - I dont lure fish that much now but when I do its with this rod or one other. Its just so matched to the fish and the fishing........

PS - The illex clip is the only one that I will use (if using a clip at all) i've only ever seen one fail in thousands of hours of bass fishing!

enjoy the photos etc and thanks
thanks very much for the download. It looks like it will take some time to read it all and take it in. My first impressions are that the photography is excellent, not had chance to read it yet. Good to see a few articles on light tackle and gear reviews too.
I just need the time now to do it justice.

Cheers Jim, I have sooooooooooooo much reading to do on here and an e-book like yours is perfect for over Christmas (Nephews both have electric guitars and amps from Christmas and are staying with me. Deep joy)

Quick question though, why have you slowed right down on the lure fishing side of things?
Looking forward to reading this over Christmas. :clap:
Thanks Jim :clap:

Really looking forward to reading it completely.

Thanks very much for the words guys – its not so much a how to manual or anything like it, I’m afraid that’s kept for workshops, but it is a best personal attempt at what the fishing means to me. Since I started guiding full time in Wexford back in 2003 spending literally thousands of hours on the water it has been a unique experience in many ways. Yes we have caught many fish, big fish, NO fish, little fish but ultimately the customers who continue to want to return look for the complete experience – that’s what I hope to convey through the blog – a sense of realism of what bass fishing in Wexford is like.

Not all the data available transferred from the blog for instance 12 articles from last year as to what it means to be a bass fishing guide are only available on the side bar in links on the blog etc.

I have worked extremely hard like any self employed person to make it what it is, its not a sideline or a hobby – it’s a business based on many genuine years of bass fishing experience coupled to angling tourism and the unique challenges it presents. After seven years I still feel its only scratching the surface of the potential for a proper recreational fishery.

Gary – I still do a lot of lure fishing but tend to fly fish probably 90% of the time now. There are too many reasons why I don’t ‘do as much’ with it as I should!
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Thanks a lot for making such an excellent resource available for us all! Now to sit down and read it...
Looks brilliant. Waiting for a quiet day at work so I can print it off to have a read!
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